Football team on track for best record since 2018


Alec Ostapuck

Senior captains lineup along the sideline in preparation of the coin toss.

Mason Desmond, Staff Writer

The Delaware Hayes Pacers football team has shown significant improvement from last year.
The Pacers started off the season strong with a win over their rival, the Buckeye Valley Barons. Along with other significant wins that have changed the culture within the team compared to last year.
“The Future is bright for Hayes as long as we stay humble and focused,” varsity defensive end Devin Wesley said.
The Pacers are also playing under first-year head coach, Ryan Montgomery. Montgomery has been the defensive coordinator for the Pacers for the last few seasons and has chosen to take over the head coaching position.
“The coaches feel much more involved and invested in the team this year,” varsity outside linebacker Joe Moose said. “Coaches support every player on the team regardless of if they start on varsity or are playing on the scout team in practice. Every player gets coached because the coaches care about the success of every player. All of the coaches are involved with, and coach throughout JV games as well, which is a significant improvement from last year and establishes a precedent for setting the players of the future up for success.”
“There is a different culture and better play calling, we also get more individual guidance and feedback,” Wesley said.
Last year, the team finished 3-8, with the season ending with a loss to Marysville in the first round of the Division I playoffs. The team also finished second to last in the Ohio Capital Conference, the only team behind them being Franklin Heights, who did not win any of their games.
“We have experienced what it is like to not have success,” Moose said. “Having success this year and setting the rest of our teammates up for future success will be the most important thing the seniors this year can do.”
This year, there are high expectations for the seniors, especially with the culture change within the team throughout this new year.

Having success this year and setting the rest of our teammates up for future success will be the most important thing the seniors this year can do.

— Joe Moose

“My expectation for the seniors is to play to the level we are capable of,” Joe Moose said. “We’ve played on the same team together for 6 years and we know what we are capable of if we stay consistent and support each other throughout the season. Also, support for the younger players to lay the foundation for future success.”
Players are excited for this season, especially with how well-rounded the team feels and how strong the players play together.
“This team feels very well-rounded as almost every position on the team is two to three guys deep and all of those players bring a versatile skill set to the field due to the work that has been put in,” Joe Moose said. “The offense isn’t one-dimensional because of the abilities of the guys on the offense because they’ve put in the hours to get better in the passing game and the run game. The defense is strong against the run and the pass because the guys on the field understand the job they do and trust their teammates to do their job as well.”

This year, the team has already outdone their previous seasons, starting 3-0 for the first time since 2016. The team was also 5-1, which was the first time Hayes started that strong in school history. The team will also make the playoffs for the second consecutive year. As of now, the Pacers currently stand 6-3.