Using Wits to Wager to the Top


Nylah Roberts

Fairview and Steamtown battle to win Wits and Wagers during the 2019-20 House competition. They answer questions to get points.

Sarah Estok, News Editor

Joshua Lamb stands on the stage during Wits and Wagers
Nylah Roberts
Fairview and Steamtown battle to win Wits and Wagers. They answer questions to get points.

Unity and collaboration is something that is supported by all the house deans and to exercise this, games like Wits and Wagers are played as a healthy competition between houses.

Wits and Wagers is a game played with teams of four, who answer random trivia questions with whatever number they believe to be closest to the correct answer without going over. Then they place bets on other groups answers if they are not confident of their own. Each house puts together one team.

“If you like trivia, competition, teamwork, and gambling than wits and wagers is your game.” Ridge house dean, Adam Haynes said, “There’s a little bit of everything for everybody”

By playing this game toward the beginning of the year, it teaches students, especially new students and freshmen, how important it is to be part of the team during house. It also helps students to be introduced to each other and more connected according to Haynes.

While playing Wits and Wagers, it is important to remember that it’s not about being exact, it’s about being the closest- especially since teams are playing for points, not to protect points.

According to Haynes, Ridge house has a secret strategy for playing Wits and Wagers. “Any house that wants to look at our secret recipe of how we succeed, I’d be willing to share that but it would cost them something”