Senior Wills 2023

Senior Wills give graduating seniors an opportunity to leave responsibilities, legacies, or other qualities to students and teachers. What will the class of 2023 leave behind?

Olivia O'Rourke, Managing Editor

I, Kayla Coleman, give my light board chair and my title of booth genius to Kailyn Knutson because she is going to need it for her last year. 


I, Joann Mercado Rivera, give my glasses to Jamalia Reynoso Pelegrin because I don’t know what she sees in the dudes. I hope she can figure it out.


I, Kai Cannon, give most unique to Ash Cannon because he wears my clothes now.


I, Danica Davelli, give the responsibility of entertaining the track coaches to Kara Glesenkamp and Delaney Vroegop because we’re the funniest people on the track team and no one else will be able to make jokes as funny as ours.


I, Robbie Bair, give my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Gillis because her insane levels of effort and dedication towards our choir program allow it to be one of the best in all of Ohio, if not the whole world. We are all EXTREMELY lucky to have you as our director, thank you so much.


I, Dalton Allen, give the title of big dawg on the football field to Connor Dutton and Eion Pavlovich because they got that dog in ‘em.


I, Porter Barickman, give the responsibility of keeping basketball season fun and filled with jokes to Hailie Dowell because I love you and know you will continue to grow as a person and a player. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you short stack.


I, Isabella Bird, give my theorizing, friendship and fun to Helena Mendez Rodriguez because she is amazing and we will continue to be besties and write together and become famous authors with pen names to retain our privacy.


I, Macy Flynn, give my blessings and prayer to your futures to live and love the Lord for all your life to Tyson Flynn and Taylor Flynn because He is the only one who will always be there, always love you, and always forgive.


I, Emily Chairez, give the honor of being the oldest Chairez sibling at Hayes to Fernando Chairez because you’ll need to watch over Diego as he goes through Hayes for the next 4 years just like I did with you.