Female rappers should be given the same chance as men

The hip-hop and rap music genres have historically been known almost as a boys-only club, with the subject of many songs being about swagger, violence, sex, and masculinity. This has left very little room for female artists to shine in the genre.
Because female songwriters are few and far between in rap, many artists take an abnormal amount of hate and criticism for their involvement in the genre.
While not every female rapper deserves unconditional respect from listeners, some certainly receive disdain and disrespect from people who gatekeep rap.
It can be said that both male and female rappers are guilty of releasing music that is either lazy, repetitive, or tasteless. Male rappers like Lil Pump, 6ix9ine, and Kodak Black are the epitome of the pathetic music that has overtaken the genre. Female rappers like Cardi B and Iggy Azalea can also be added to appalling artists that pollute the genre with equally lousy music.
Generally, females are expected to have nice and pretty sounding voices. Historically, music has made people think that females in music should also sound this way. The idea dates back to sung opera from the 1600s and most music since then. Women that do not follow this unspoken rule receive hate, and when rap is a genre built on guttural sounds that are not “ladylike,” it makes a lot of sense why women would receive hate performing rap.
Nicki Minaj uses this style of guttural sound on tracks like “Monster,” released in 2010. Nicki’s style and lyricism were vital in proving to listeners why she deserved to be respected.
Some female artists should rightfully be praised for developing the genre and doing so much for rap music in general. Prominent artists like Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj, and Megan Thee Stallion are perfect examples of women that have solidified a spot for women in the rap industry.
Megan Thee Stallion being a prime example of unorthodox when it comes to rap. Expectedly, Megan undeservingly receives backlash on her music. Megan’s music is very different from rap produced by many other women. Megan’s ability to be lyrical with her music, combined with her talent for writing amazing hooks and flows that are memorable, topped off with her utilization of her range makes her stand out against any run of the mill rapper, male or female.
Megan’s talent for songwriting and rapping allows her to make room for herself in the genre. Music like hers that is very creative and inspired are few and far between in today’s oversaturated rap industry.
With more females entering the rap industry and making the genre more diverse, artists will undoubtedly face criticism for creating music different from the mainstream. Over the last decade, women have become a more significant driving force in the expansion of rap music, and it’s essential to set a precedence where new music is given a chance.