Class of 2021 has missed out on many traditions


One way that parents and community members are trying to support the Class of 2021 is by creating a method for people to “adopt” seniors and helping them feel celebrated.

Hylah Phillips, Staff Writer

The pandemic has affected almost every part of everyday life; adults work from home and students of all ages learn from home. Because of this, many students have realized how much they actually appreciate and miss a “normal” school day.
The pandemic has also stolen many other things from people throughout the past year; loved ones, social interaction and simply the ability to live normal lives.
For the class of 2021, it has taken their traditional senior year. Many seniors wish there was more they could do to make their strange senior year a little more enjoyable.
At Hayes, the class of 2021, along with principal Ric Stranges, are trying to brainstorm pandemic-friendly things to bring up their spirits. There has been talk of senior shirts, and an “Adopt A Senior” initiative has been put into effect. However, the options are limited because of Covid-19 safety guidelines.
“Adopt A Senior” is where an adult in the community “adopts” a student in this year’s graduating class, supports them, and does small acts of kindness to cheer them up despite this flawed school year they are having. This activity has already kicked off, and many seniors are excited they are starting to be recognized for their hard work and staying motivated during this hard time for everyone.
One question that is still up in the air is prom. “I want to have a prom,” senior Danielle Messner said. Prom is an event that students are looking forward to hopefully having, since last year’s prom was cancelled due to the pandemic.
There has been talk of possibly having a prom that follows Covid-19 rules, if the spread of the virus does not escalate significantly throughout the rest of the year.
“I think everyone [would be] very spread out,” senior Brendan Palmquist said. “There will be a lot of masks.”
Nothing has been confirmed yet by the Student Council or Stranges.
The college process is also another major challenge for 2021. Since most universities are only offering virtual campus tours instead of in person, seniors are not able to get that normal experience.
Many students across the country were also not able to take their ACT or SAT tests, but fortunately, some colleges are not requiring students to submit test scores in their application.
Extra-curricular activities have also looked different this year. Many seniors at Hayes are disappointed that they will be missing their final year of House. House was a way for students to work and socialize with peers that they have been with since freshman year.
House Games is another event students are disappointed in possibly missing out on. “House Games are a huge event at our school and I really hope that we will be able to have it this year,” senior Audrey Williams said. “One of the only ways we will be able to have is if we all do our part to be safe and smart about our decisions and to wear a mask.”
Even though seniors are missing out on a time of their life that everyone looks forward to, they are staying optimistic about how the school year will turn out. With the current case numbers and vaccines being available, a lot could happen between now and graduation in May.